bbsMedTech Healthcare
Communication SystemTM​

About BBS MedTech 

BBS MedTech, Inc. is a North Carolina-chartered Medical Technology Communications Company. We specialize in Personalized, Predictive, Preventative, Precision, Well-care and Health Management Solutions for Physicians, Laboratories and Insurance Companies. 


Our system was envisioned, designed and structured to solve many of the major challenges experienced by patients, practitioners, laboratories and health conscious advocates in today’s rapidly changing healthcare system. 

We are committed to improving health outcomes on a global scale by facilitating secure, HIPAA-compliant, health data transmissions through the BBS Portal, predictive testing for early awareness of risks, active patient engagement in care management, and system efficiencies for all entities involved.


What BBS MedTech Provides


Ø  A highly efficient System and Portal for (1) low-cost, secure, automated transmission of data between medical practices, laboratories and (soon) insurance companies for (2) predictive, preventative screening and targeted diagnostic testing with registered physicians using top, networked laboratories for some of the most prevalent and serious chronic illnesses, as well as (3) compliant health records maintenance in the physician’s own system for personal and family health histories and test results updated in real time.


Ø  A Physician-focused component with marketing support designed to help Practitioners provide more personalized and outcome-based patient care, understand and provide newest predictive/preventative tests, lower regulatory and legal risks for misdiagnoses and overlooked causes of disease, drive new patients into medical practices, increase patient retention and real-time access to their own records, increase the practice’s efficiency and profitability, and improve patients’ results and quality of life.


Ø  An Employee Benefit component designed to (1) help Employees avoid preventable illnesses, accidents, distractions, adverse drug reactions and lost work, while improving their morale, health and quality of life, and (2) help Employers with worker recruitment, higher employee retention, reduced costs of job accidents and disability claims, reduced absenteeism, and avoidance of preventable productivity disruptions and employee disability. 


Ø  A Predictive, Preventative component to help people (1) reduce potential hereditary health risks for major diseases such as cancer, heart, Alzheimer’s and dementia, respiratory illnesses, more,  (2) avoid potentially fatal and debilitating adverse drug reactions and interactions based on their unique biology, helping them get the right drug at the right time in the right dose, (3) access the tests they need, and (4) establish a more personalized experience with their healthcare provider.


Ø  An Educational approach to assist the public, employee groups, and physicians obtain some of the latest information on, and gain easy access to, new diagnostic and genetic tests that become available. We can even connect you with a Genetic Counselor to help interpret test results.



Genetic Tests

Learn more about bbsMedTech's Open API

The Open API within the bbsMedTech Portal allows industry-wide integration with existing Electronic Health Record  Systems (EHR) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) for workflow efficiencies, staff workload reductions, decreased errors, as well as better compliance and quality control.

Our Laboratories

Our network consists of some of the nation’s most reputable medical testing laboratories with solid experience in genetic and diagnostic testing. They provide fast, efficient, reliable service at competitive prices. Their API integration with medical practices using the BBS portal to contract with them produces efficiencies, error and risk reduction, and improved insurance coverage decisions.