What the BBS Platform Does

BBS Medtech provides an automated flow of patient-centric healthcare data seamlessly from Physicians to Laboratories through the BBS Portal installed on medical practice’s website. Our communications portal has stringent HIPAA observance and cybersecurity measures protecting the communications portal, data flows and patient health records. 

Patient health data can be entered and updated by the patient and staff, securely maintained to provide insights for treatments and prevention measures as well as evidence of medical necessity for tests, procedures and health programs.

The BBS communication systems are designed to promote system efficiencies in health data usage and better decisions. The BBS portal facilitates patient predictive, genetic and diagnostic testing and reporting. They even provide access to a Genetic Counselor for results interpretation where applicable. Our technology can verify insurance coverage for the requested tests, and provide scrubbed and clean data to the Labs. This results in fewer errors and rejections and generally expedites results.

Our systems lower a doctor’s regulatory and legal risks for misdiagnoses, overlooked underlying causes of disease, liability for illnesses the provider failed to catch or identify, over-treatment, drug conflicts or failing to prescribe the right drug(s) for the right patient biologically, in the right dose, at the right time. 

Depending upon which statistics you follow, adverse drug reactions and conflicts among drugs are the 3rd or 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.A. and one of the major causes for hospital readmissions for cardiac patients, among others. A large portion of these deaths and illnesses (and expense) could have been avoided with advance testing, a process BBS plans to make better understood and easier to accomplish.