DNA strands decoded for Personalized Medicine


BBS MedTech, Inc. is a Communications Technology Company specializing in the Healthcare
Marketplace. The company provides an efficient flow of patient-centric healthcare data from Physicians to Laboratories via an electronic portal. Its communication systems are designed to promote system efficiencies and more personalized, Value-Based Healthcare and Wellness Programs for better quality of care and improved health outcomes. 

The company was created with heart to help people stay well and have a more vibrant life through awareness of health issues and implications of their unique body chemistry, as well as direct access to their own health records and real-time updates with their doctors. MedTech also facilitates patient predictive and diagnostic testing plus follow-up with their healthcare providers for restorative action, precision medicine, and preventative programs to help avoid predictable health crises and possibly death.

For healthcare providers, BBS MedTech’s integrated, compliant systems facilitate coordination and collaboration on patient care as well as efficiencies in the test-ordering process and health records maintenance. BBS’ Communication Consultants also educate the public on predictive/preventative testing and work with companies adding benefits to their Employee Benefit Programs. This can lead to more patient attraction for qualified healthcare practitioners.

MedTech gives providers tools to help their patients become more involved in their own care. It helps providers identify more patient anomalies, imbalances and risks so they can deliver more individualized and effective care. And it helps doctors see their patients from the inside out, instead of on the outside with symptoms and tests that might measure effects and co-factors but miss the underlying cause of disease. These predictive/preventative tests contribute to truly Precision Medicine that’s the ultimate in Personalized Medicine.

Is anything more critical to our ability to live productive lives than our health?


And yet we seem to be getting sicker in spite of throwing more money at healthcare than most other developed nations. We have remarkable medical technology innovations and acute care interventions in crisis situations. But while the U.S. has leadership in these areas and holds over 45% of the global pharmaceutical market, the country consistently ranks only around 23rd among all developed nations in the health of its populace.  


The current healthcare paradigm in the U.S.  The U.S. has been employing a convoluted, inefficient, costly and restrictive business model of sick-care with isolated disciplines that too often lack a whole-patient wellness and well-being focus.  But the top countries in population health focus first on wellness, integrating multiple disciplines, measures and inducements to identify individual risks, correct imbalances and prevent disease. Then they utilize many of these same individualized approaches in treating disease and restoring whole-body health and wellness.

BBS Solution

BBS MedTech provides medical practices with tools to help them address well-care and treatments in a similar fashion, to provide value-based, highly individualized, actionable tests and services to identify and treat underlying causes instead of just manifested symptoms and illnesses.

BBS MedTech helps providers and patients get in front of the game instead of jumping in behind the eight-ball as is the usual case now, where sometimes the cure is worse than the disease and always more costly than prevention. Too often aggressive treatments for full-blown disease fail to take into consideration interactions within the patient’s whole body and unique genetics, the patient’s overall well-being, or interactions with other treatments.

Yet so much of the pain, suffering and expense can be prevented, including adverse drug reactions and interactions from multiple treatments.

What if adverse drug reactions with a person’s unique biology and other prescribed drugs could be predicted and prevented?

That could avoid over 2 million adverse drug reactions and 100,000 deaths annually. Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and toxic interactions among multiple drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. They cause more deaths than pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia and accidents.

ADRs can be explicitly predicted by the simple PGX saliva test. PGX is a genetic test which is facilitated by the documentation, information flow and physician test-ordering ease built into the BBS portal, platform and communication systems.

What if patients were recognized for their unique genetic makeups and risks instead of placed in a predefined box?

Currently, patients tend to be evaluated peremptorily based on a government-devised checklist with many diseases going undetected or misdiagnosed. This puts the patient and doctor at risk. 

Stressed doctors are forced to spend more time on paperwork, leaving less time for actually examining and listening to patients, uncovering risks, deeply rooting out underlying causes of symptoms, and discovering information that would suggest more targeted predictive tests to augment routine blood work.

Further, Medicare and insurance carriers often question “medical necessity” for testing the physician deems necessary when it’s not inside the box or the physician’s notes are cryptic.

Let’s change that.

Starting with patient-physician communications plus the patient’s personal and family history data in the BBS MedTech systems, along with genetic testing education for practitioners, the patient can receive appropriate predictive tests and individually tailored services to correct imbalances, prevent
certain disease states, treat medical issues more effectively, and promote wellness. 

This actionable information is vital. Research reveals that epigenetics can change genetic expression, so uncovered risk factors don’t have to result in full-blown disease. There are lifestyle, nutritional, hormone-balancing, detox, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and more that can be changed according to the needs of a person’s unique body makeup, environment and health. These, in turn, improve mitochondrial health and cellular detox, and have been shown to actually effect DNA corrections. But you must first identify the needs.

BBS MedTech’s Portal helps further by making it easy for the practitioner to treat each patient uniquely. Start-to-finish, BBS facilitates ordering tests, documenting medical necessity, globally updating  regulatory compliance, reducing provider and laboratory workload, introducing physicians to preventative programs they can offer, and much more. The patient no longer falls into a predefined box, but instead gets the individualized, targeted care needed.

What happens when a family has cancer showing up in multiple family members?

Could it have been prevented? Do we and our family members have to succumb to death or
endure horrific and often permanently debilitating treatments?

Cancer, the second leading cause of death in U.S., is predicted to be the leading cause of death by 2030. One out of every two men and one out of every three women will get cancer. Not only does cancer cause untold grief and agony, but the average cancer case costs the system around one million dollars. It’s breaking the bank for families and government! 

Yet the CGX test that’s facilitated for physicians and laboratories through BBS’ cross-entity communication and data systems predicts the genetic likelihood of many major cancers – so the patient can take lifestyle, nutrition, hormone-balancing, stress-reduction and other targeted measures research results indicate and healthcare advisors can facilitate to reduce the risk dramatically. 

We can win against cancer if we but have the wake-up call of our individual risks and receive help addressing them!

How many million people suffer from chronic, perhaps fatal, Respiratory and Allergy problems?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. It’s a widespread, debilitating disease that is devastating to both patients and their families. Among the 2000+ tests that can go through the BBS portal, predictive and diagnostic tests for Respiratory and Allergy issues can help doctors and patients take measures to reduce risks, exposures and symptoms, including for COPD, Asthma (which affects over 25 million people), Food Allergies (affecting over 31 million Americans), Cystic Fibrosis and more.

The Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP blood test) is frequently used to pinpoint the Influenza virus and a number of other respiratory viruses and/or Pneumonia bacteria so the patient can be treated swiftly and accurately, possibly reducing the severity and time frame of the illness.

Is your family already affected by these dread diseases: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

There is no known cure for these devastating diseases that end in death after long suffering. They cause untold grief. They destroy the lives and finances of families as well as the health of family caregivers, over two-thirds of whom develop serious health problems of their own from the extreme stresses and self-neglect. 

Approximately 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. The disease afflicts 10% of those over 65, the age group for whom testing is generally covered. Other dementias afflict another 3.4 million people. And 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year. 

Yet the simple PAD test predicts the degree of some major risk factors for these diseases and can lead to measures that often delay or stop advancement if not prevent onset. People need ready access to this test plus education and programs proven effective for disease avoidance and amelioration. This is a BBS MedTech focus.

Let’s fuel a Paradigm Shift from “Sick Care” to “Well Care,” the transition to more Value-Based care, and improve coordination of patient care among providers and across care segments.

Our Prescription:

Let’s help doctors treat patients as the uniquely constructed individuals they are to improve quality and health outcomes. Let’s apply advanced technology to facilitate predictive and preventative testing plus wellness and restorative programs, products and services to improve and save
lives, produce health system efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce risks for everyone.

The BBS MedTech communication portal and integrated systems provide a win-win ecosystem
that aids physicians in delivering more individualized and effective patient services and value-based care through application of advanced technologies with API integration of diverse databases, A.I. predictive technologies, and the controlled access ease of Cloud-based services.

BBS MedTech facilitates compliant information sharing among providers, facilities, and other stakeholders in a manner that facilitates efficient care while preserving and protecting patient access to data. In so doing it creates efficiencies that result in increased profits for healthcare providers and medical laboratories, error-reduction, documentation of medical necessity, and compliant communications. 

This all circles back to benefit the patient, helping patients become more involved in their own care management, promoting wellness and productivity, and reducing the overwhelming healthcare
costs for families and government.


Let’s not overlook lost work for the disease victim and family members. Absenteeism is devastating to the family-owned businesses that are the backbone of this country. Absenteeism also causes lost wages for the individual (especially if prolonged) or a family caregiver and places a drain on the productive capacity of the country. 

Absenteeism costs corporations an average $3,600 per employee annually, and far more when considering productivity losses with temporary help and with employee distractions over health issues of family members. One manufacturing company estimated a direct and indirect cost to the company of over $7,000 for each day of lost work.

BBS MedTech impacts it all.

BBS MedTech’s healthcare communications technology, portal, platform, related wellness services plus facilitation of predictive/genomic testing provide a significant bottom-line win for all stakeholders from the government on down. And its impact could reach every family. Even yours!

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